About us

The Stride team’s deep experience in renewable energy was gained from working in both the public and private sector.

This expertise stretches across both national and international issues, in areas including policy, development, stakeholder engagement and communications, planning, finance, construction and engineering.

Depth of experience

With more than ten decades of cumulative experience in the industry, our broad knowledge allow us to provide clarity and insight, quickly identifying problems and opportunities, eliminating obstacles and presenting winning solutions.

Benefits of our expertise

Stride has both the technical knowledge and connections, and relishes the opportunity to provide introductions and bring players together into collaborative partnerships. We have the credibility and connections to help acclerate projects, and a reputation for delivering.

The way we work

Stride is fast, effective and nimble. We provide tailored and focused strategic advice and services according to clients’ needs. Our team works quickly, whether decoding complex energy issues, getting to the bottom of situations or developing strategies aligned with the energy market’s changing needs.

Industry energy solutions

Stride is leading energy solutions for industry because we believe that renewable energy needs customers when the sun is shining (and wind is blowing) and industry needs low prices. We believe electrification and flexibility in industrial energy use is the next frontier in the transition to renewables.

Development services

Stride initiates renewable energy projects where we feel leadership is required.  We have a successful track record and have won the Clean Energy Council Community Engagement Award for the Blind Creek Solar Farm and the Conooer Bridge Wind Farm.

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