Stride’s services​

We provide strategic advice on government policy, commercial opportunities and renewable energy developments. Stride’s services are diverse, tailored to fit specific client’s needs.


We have worked with everyone from small Australian manufacturers to international energy corporations, on everything from strategy for aligning project planning with government priorities to producing award-winning applications to raise the profile of up-and-coming companies. We’re not into carbon copies: we listen well, think deeply and communicate clearly to give our clients the help they need to accelerate their projects and succeed.

Industry insights

  • Strategic advice on strategy & policy
  • Stakeholder mapping, engagement & relations
  • Help clients understand commercial opportunities emerging from policy
  • Support grant applications

Renewable energy development

  • Social licence and community engagement strategy
  • Benefit-sharing models
  • Development services
  • Agrisolar design 
  • Due diligence for investors
  • Strategic planning advice
  • Grid connection mediation and problem solving

Strategic and commercial advice

  • Market overview for new entrants  
  • Develop energy market strategies
  • Introduce clients to potential buyers and partners
  • Advise on distributed energy technology, including digital transformation opportunities
  • Advise on emerging market design

Brand positioning

  • Raise company’s profile through brand building, strategic introductions, communication & media plans, industry events and awards
  • Advise clients on how to position themselves in the industry

Industry energy solutions

Stride leads energy solutions for industry because we believe that renewable energy needs customers when the sun is shining and industry needs low prices.

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