Green light for NSW capacity projects to address Eraring closure

Three battery storage projects and three Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) have been announced winners in the Federal-backed NSW Firming Tender.


  • The >1GW total capacity is almost triple the initial 380MW when launched, and greater in size (930MW) when subsequently bolstered by the Capacity Investment Scheme (CIS).
  • A BESS project near Wellington was successful, despite the intended focus on the Sydney-Newcastle-Wollongong region.
  • Support for a VPP could reflect the government’s appetite for innovation.
  • Speed to market was critical for success in this tender.

The results suggest the scope is flexible to accommodate valuable capacity if it is fast-to-market and in the right location. Stride also finds projects accelerate by participating in these tender processes and can get a boost (and some feedback) even if they don’t win this time round.  

AEMO Services Ltd is interested in meeting with proponents to discuss their projects for future tenders.

        Successful ProjectProponentPower (MW)Duration (hr)
1Liddell BESSAGL5002
2Orana BESSAkaysha4154
3Smithfield BESSIbedrola652
4VPPEnel X95> 2

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